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Automatic Container Code Recognition
  • Application areas of
    Automatic Container Code Recognition
  • · Inventory management
  • · Border control management
  • · Container surveillance systems
  • · Airport and harbour logistics

Software and hardware for container code reading

ACCR is an Optical Character Recognition (OCR) based technology, which means intelligent image processing. It has two essential technological issues: the quality of the ACCR software and the quality of the image acquisition technology (ACCR camera and illumination)

Container code recognition SOFTWARE

Automatic Container Code Recognition (ACCR) software

The most important factor is the ACCR software. The better the algorithms are, the highest the quality of the recognition software is:
· the highest recognition accuracy it has,
· the fastest processing speed it has.

The container code recognition technology needs to be fast, reliable and cost-effective. The CARMEN®ACCR technology meets all these requirements. It is fast, highly accurate and cost-effective.

CARMEN®ACCR is a core technology rather than a complete application, and it was specially designed and developed to be easily integrated into complex intelligent logistic/traffic applications. It can be tailored to meet special customer requirements.

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Container code recognition HARDWARE

Automatic Container Code Recognition (ACCR)

To provide optimal conditions for taking an image, white light LED illuminator(s) device is used with the FXCAM CONTAINER camera.

The FXCAM CONTAINER CAMERA is an all in one unit including a camera, Auto Iris optic and the synchronizer of the 2000 Watts light flash illuminator(s) special designed and optimized for the identification applications.

FXCAM CONTAINER unit includes a high resolution ultra low lux B/W camera and a synchronizer unit. It has weather proof housing and wall mountable bracket. The FXCAM has primarily been designed for recognition applications (access control). However the FXCAM can be perfectly applied in many other applications where outstanding image quality is needed.

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